You don’t have to be alone when life is overwhelming!

There comes a time when everyone needs support and guidance to find their own personal path on their journey through life.



I identify as a non-binary person and I believe that all people should have the freedom to identify their gender as they feel. No one else can identify the experience you are having within yourself.

There are a lot of complications in doing this, since society, family and many other factors effect how one sees themselves.

With my education and life experience I am able to offer a supportive psychotherapy style. I use cognitive, somatic, trans-personal, Internal Family Structures®, trauma informed  interventions.   This allows me to use many reference points to help you understand your experiences.





I use my skills of compassionate listening and reflection to help you find your core beliefs and the needs around them.  Together we explore your life, your goals and what you want for yourself.  From there you move forward building the structure and foundation for your happiness.


Family Therapy brings all members of the family together to look at and discuss the dynamics involved in the whole group.  We will work on improving communication and resolving conflicts.  I want to help you understand the unique, layered and multifaceted aspects you are dealing with.


Every couple is facing the blending of each members background, personal and familial culture and norms,  genetic influences and behaviors.  When two people come together to live and possibly build a family ever aspect of their lives becomes an area for negotiation.  Often this takes a lot of support and guidance.   I am skilled at finding ways for each member of the couple to feel seen and heard.