I identify as a non-binary person and I believe that all people should have the freedom to identify their gender as they feel. No one else can identify the experience you are having within yourself.

There are a lot of complications in doing this, since society, family and many other factors effect how one sees themselves.

With my education and life experience I am able to offer a supportive psychotherapy style. I use cognitive, somatic, trans-personal, Internal Family Structures®, trauma informed  interventions.   This allows me to use many reference points to help you understand your experiences.

It takes a brave heart to to admit that you need help.  Everyone at some point in their lives will need to talk to a safe and non-bias person about what is going on in their lives.  You may be experiencing difficulties or obstacles with a family member, a friend or at work.  There may be too much space in your life that gives you discomfort.  There are many variables in our lives all changing constantly.  It is okay to check in with yourself and not be clear as to your next steps.

I am here to listen and reflect empathetically what you are experiencing.  I use my experiences during my life as well as my energetic awareness to help you find your answers for yourself.  Together we will create a safe space for you to explore your life.  I also have experience working with people with all levels of mental illness and psychological disease.

I am experienced in the transitions of life.  We each have individual ways and needs, during times of loss.  I have personal experience with death of loved ones and can help you move through the different stages of life’s  final transition.

Dani B Hope, MA, LMFT#131680

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